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this morning, police are searching for a suspect in a violent confrontation at a convenience store. >> three people shot and the suspect take off crashing his car at a separate screen. what police say may have set this all off. as the scandal surrounding
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david petraeus widens, lawmakers move forward to name new leadership. leadership. it is wednesday, november 14th. a live look outside at the washington monument on this chilly hump day. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. thank you for watching. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news and time now to talk to tucker barnes. >> good morning. >> it got cold out. >> it did get a little cold out. >> you guys said earlier you need the big puffy jackets. temperature overnight in the 20s and low 30s. be ready for a chilly day today. we'll only be up near maybe 50. >> maybe? >> probably upper 40s. it won't feel terrible. there will be sunshine but it will be cool. >> not other than a 50 guaranteed. >> can't even guarantee the 50. we'll be close. let's get to the map and show you why. it is all because of our cold front that came through yesterday now well offshore and high pressure is building in. here is the good news.
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it will provide a couple of really nice day around here as far as sunshine. it will be unseasonably school with temperatures in the upper 40s and we're cold at this hour. much of the area has fallen berow freezing. right now, reagan national, 37 degrees. dulles, 32 degrees. bwi marshall is bouncing around a bit. much of the area here in the upper 20s and low 30s to start your day. forecast high temperatures, generally upper 40s. we'll go 49 in washington. 46 in leonardtown. winchester, just 41 for a daytime high. only middle of november. shouldn't be quite this cool. this is more typical of late december. >> i hate to see what late december look like. >> it will probably be 70. >> i just got excited t doesn't matter what santa is wearing when he comes dressed down the chimney. he could be wearing bermudas
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and flip flops. as long as he has my goodies, that is all that matters. >> she just turned into a 5- year-old. >> it's santa. we have jeremy and steven in sky fox checking out the drive. so far, so good. no issues reported as you approach the two 234 interchanges headed eastbound. we had that crash southbound at the prince william parkway at wellington road, that has cleared. the roadway there has been reopened. this is the live camera shot eastbound along 66, traffic running freely as you continue out of manassas headed in towards centreville. we'll update the ride out of oxon hill. police, fire and rescue units remain on the scene of the crash. follow their direction in order to get by. traffic flowing freely seeing nothing but green on the inner loop leaving oxon hill headed over towards the wilson bridge. overnight construction cleared. all three lanes maintained now headed out past the d.c. line coming inbond off of 50 and kenilworth avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic.
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>> thank you. a wild scene in northeast d.c. last night. three people shot inside a convenience store. the suspect took off. >> police believe it all began because of a dispute between the gunman and a store clerk. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live at police headquarters in northwest with the details. >> reporter: good morning. early this morning, d.c. police did tell me they think they have some pretty good leads in this case. they've got surveillance video the suspect fired several round into the marketplace convenience store that was outside a bp gas station while sitting inside his car. it was multiple rounds that this suspect actually shot into that marketplace convenience store. it happened 7:30 tuesday night. two men were struck, a clerk and a custer more, in the leg. a female customer was also struck in the hand. police describe their injuries as nonlife-threatening.
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they believe it may have been a customer dispute. the man sped off in the a black mercedes found later near the corn are of blaine and 44th. it crashed into the cars in the neighborhood after colliding with a dodge caravan stopped at the corner. here what is police had to say. >> we believe that he wasn't being served fast enough. we don't know just yet but this is something we're investigating. again, it rose to the level of him ultimately firing several rounds inside the little convenience store there. >> reporter: now, some of the eyewitnesses on the scene said that, after that black mercedes crashed that, they did see someone running off into the alley. but that suspect has not yet been located. the victims we know were transported to the hospital where, as of late last night, they were said to be in serious condition but expected to survive their injuries. but a very frightening evening for them nonetheless. >> certainly was. police are looking for a group of men who may be linked to a series of robberies and rapes not far from the scene of
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last night's shooting. this past weekend, two women were sexually assaulted near the capitol heights metro station. there have been several other sexual assaults and robberies in the same area over the last few days. police have not released a description of the suspect. in the scandal surrounding former cia head david petraeus, there is a closed door hearing by the senate intelligence committee on capitol hill today. >> reporter: general david petraeus will not test but he could be called for future hearings. john alhelp was named as the taringest a pentagon investigation involving flirt ashes e-mails with the woman who helped park the investigate into petraeus' affair. -- flirtatious e-mails with the
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woman who helped spark the investigation into petraeus' affair. the alleged mistress of petraeus was seen in the district. paula broadwell's brother lives in the d.c. area. the petraeus scandal sure to come up during a presidential news conference this afternoon. it is the first news conference since president obama was re- elected. also on tap, the fiscal cliff. president obama is meeting with business leader at the white house again today. and this comes as we could get word of another change at the top. house minority leader nancy pelosi will announce her future in congress later on this morning. so big news ahead today on the hill. also making headlines this morning, former d.c. council chair kwame brown learns his punishment for bank fraud and a campaign finance violation and he will not be spending time behind bars. >> also ahead, the alleged east coast rapist backs out of an expected guilty plea. we'll have more on that when fox 5 morning news continues. ♪
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former d.c. councilman kwame brown will not do any jail time. brown is back at his d.c. home after serving one day in federal court. yesterday, a federal judge sentenced him to six months of home tea tension, two years probation and 480 hours of community service. a d.c. superior judge suspended his 30-day jail sentence. brown pleaded guilty in june to campaign violations for writing checks to cash over the legal limbed a it and also falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat. the federal judge noted that brown did not use his elected office to make personal gain or defraud the people he represented. a maryland teen is accused of fatally shooting a woman and critically injuring her husband last month. police say 17-year-old joshua mebane is now linked to the shooting death of theresa bass. she and her husband were walking on i apath between
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hampshire circle and westlake high school last month. the teen is already in jail on separate charges accused of shooting a d.c. cab driver to death last week. last week. an up expected twist in the trial of the man accused of being the east coast rapist. aaron thomas was expected to plead guilty yesterday in a manassas courtroom but then suddenly decided not to. just a few days ago, he signed a plea deal after prosecutors agreed to drop gun charges against him. thomas also agreed in writing to admit his guild in the rape of two girls behind a dale city shopping mall. if convicted, he could face life in prison. this morning, the car you'll drive to work could be on the recall list. coming up, details of a major recall announced today by toyota. >> also ahead, ready to rebuild. ocean city's mayor says a landmark hit hard by hurricane sandy will be back on its feet soon. time now is 6:12. we'll be back.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. damage estimates continue at the statue of liberty following the superstorm. it will remain closed for now. the landmark had just reopened last month following a $30 million renovation. and a little closer to home now, good news for ocean city. the mayor says the city's famous fishing pier will be rebuilt soon. a large section of it was destroyed when hurricane sandy came through and the pilings that were left standing have been removed. the pier should be ready for business by the summer. so something to look forward to heading towards summer. but we've got to get through this. >> we have a long way to go before we're standing out on the pier jumping in the water. this is a live look outside right now. jefferson memorial? >> it's little blurry, i know. >> tucker is talking about how cold it is. that is just the way it is.
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>> it is chilly outside. temperatures, upper 20s and low 30 for much of the area. lots of sunshine expected for today and the next several days. a little cool and lots of sunshine and a nice dry pattern here. lets get to the headline an i pretty much already gave it away. cool weather here to stay for the next several days. not only this afternoon will we be a little on the cool side but hoppestly looking around the corner into the weekend and early next week our temperatures will stay a little below where they typically would be for the middle of november. it is cold. probably don't need to tell you that but you will realize it soon when you step out this morning. still fairly comfortable. 37 in washington. 34 in leonardtown. much of the area has fallen below freezing or is right at the freezing mark here particularly north and west of 95. gaithersburg, 32 degrees. dulles, 32 degrees.
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27 in frederick. that has been the cold spot overnight. 30 in culpeper. temperatures definitely on the brisk side headed out to the bus stop, walking to work, that kind of thing, taking the doing out for a awalk, make sure you don't forget the jacket. might want the hat too. should be a beautiful looking wednesday for you. we have high pressure out to the west. that will move right everhead here over the next couple of days. it will keep things nice and dry. we'll keep the weather pattern going into the first part of the weekend. i think our next chance for rain showers won't arrive until the second half of the weekend. it looks like we get a coastal storm going here by sunday into monday. that could bring us some rain showers by the second half of sunday and monday. sunshine, still cool for this time of year. honestly, much of the area here only in the upper 40s for daytime highs. cold again tonight, very brisk. 35 is the overnight low. clear skies, cold conditions expected with the overnight clearing an the accu-weather seven-day forecast, 52 tomorrow. warming up a little bit into friday and saturday with highs
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in the mid-50s. next chance for some showers, second half of sunday into monday. hopefully, we'll keep it dry for the redskins game zipped afternoon. look like the best chance of rain will be monday. let's do some weather and traffic and get the latest from julie. we've got a big thanksgiving football game this year. >> i know. the bet is on, tucker barnes. although you won't wimp out if i win. tony still owes me a pumpkin pie from last year. all right, on the roads, eastbound 66 coming in from centreville. that is where you are starting to seat line-up form. headed eastbound, we have delays leaving 29 headed out towards 28. no accidents, just volume delays to accompany this trip. as you travel eastbound, no issue as you continue from 50 out towards 123 at the beltway. that's slow stretch if you are having to sit through eastbound 66 travel between 29 and 28 in cent areville. let's take you back inside. -- in centreville. that construction late to clear southbound kenilworth avenue at
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eastern finally gone but big delays southbound on the parkway from 410 down to pennsylvania avenue. about a 21-minute ride right now with all lanes open. 410 out to bladensburg road, 13 minutes there. southbound along 270, southbound we had the crash at route 80 in urbana. better ride conning out of germantown headed south towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. affic. -- better ride continuing out of germantown headed south towards the split. we are following breaking news from maryland involving a fatal shooting. it happened in mount rainier where a man was found shot to death on 37th street near rhode island avenue. that was around 5:00 this morning. >> more than two and a half million twoits around the world are being recalled this morning over potential problems with the steering extension shaft. the recall impacted prius vehicles from 2004 for 2009. toyota says that adds up to
6:21 am
about 670,000 vehicles in the u.s. -- more than two and a and a half million toyotas around the world are being recalled. we'll find out who will take a heartedder hit, some people harder than others, if the fiscal cliff can't be avoided. that will be very interesting. we'll be back. 
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if no agreement is reached to avoid the fiscal cliff, the hit you will take on your taxes depends on where you live. we'll have more on that in just a minute. let's talk about yesterday's dip in the markets. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with the business beat good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about these stocks. they fell across the board on tuesday. >> actually down now for four of the past five sessions. the dow was off by 59 points yesterday. if you look at the s&p 500, more than half of the 500
6:25 am
companies in there are in correction mode meaning they are down substantially from hair recent highs. these include huge names that most of us own like google and microsoft and even apple and general electric. we are seeing this sell-off as he with wash not end of the year. all three major averages are higher this year but the dow's gains have dwindled 4%. let's talk about the fiscal cliff. it in some case it depends on where you live. >> of course will see high are taxes. if nothing is dub and the full fiscal cliff is realized meaning that the alternative minimum tax is not patched and all tax cuts are not extended, you will see your tax bill go up n washington d.c., the average family of four makes about $76,000. you are expected to see on average a $3200 tax increase next year. believe it or not, $3200 and
6:26 am
you are one of the best in the nation. washington state the only state facing a lower tax bill next year. so at $3200, we are considering you pretty good. here in the northeast, it is about $7,000. >> let's hope they get that resolved and we won't have to deal with this issue. lauren simonetti, good to see you. have a great day. >> you too. coming up next, another hearing to address the scandal surrounding former cia chief david petraeus. this morning, we are learning new details about one of central names involved in the investigation. but first, people sick and tired of being without power on long island take matters into their open hands and sue their power company. we'll have more on that when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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more than two weeks after superstorm sandy slammed the new york region, some people on long island are so furious with
6:30 am
their power company that they are launching a class action lawsuit. hundreds protested at the headquarters ever the long island power authority and this morning, the chief operating officer is resigning. meanwhile, some home owners in brooklyn are getting confusing letters about their homes. the city is imposing fines for building violations. >> that is bizarre. i don't understand all that. >> they would have all this drama going on and they would start fining them. >> we know about the pain of not having power around here. >> we have. how long has it been? >> two weeks. we had parts of our area that were doing a week plus including my house. but i'm not complaining. let's get to the forecast and it will be chill y outside later this afternoon and plain old cold right now. the area of high pressure that is still going to cross the reason on is going to deliver a couple of absolutely beautiful days but it will have a fall- like feel for the middle of november here with temperature
6:31 am
later this afternoon only topping out in the upper 40s to about 50. current temperature in washington, 37 degrees. but much of the area here in the low 30s. even some upper 20s. frederick this morning, 27 degrees. you can see look how cold that chunk of air is out to the west undernearing the area of high pressure. 22 in columbus. 26 in detroit. we've got real winter cold across parts of the region here as we're setting up for a nice couple of days but a cool couple of days. sunshine, quiet conditions, up near 50 later today. most of us will probably top out in the upper 40s. >> okay. >> jacket weather, definitely jacket weather i don't i would say coat weather. let's go with coats now. >> puffy coats this morning. need the jacket this morning. >> jacket makes it feel like a wind breaker and it is much colder than that. thank you. let's check in with julie wright now. ight now.
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>> heavy and slow, that's how she rolls inbound from 66 coming from manassas headed eastbound towards centreville. the pacism proves east of 28 only to slow again near 50 fair oak continuing inbound towards 123. lanes here are open. big tie-ups right now ecause of late-leering construction southbound kenilworth avenue at eastern. the lane have en reopened but the damage is done. inbound 50 is tied up leaving 410 out of riverdale headed in towards bladensburg road so a bit better as you continue into northeast. traffic slows again as you make your way out to the third street tunnel. traveling southbound along 270, no accidents to report the. the earlier crash has been moved from the shoulder. a 30-minute drive but much better as you continue from germantown headed out towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. more now on breaking news from maryland. we are now ware of two different shooting. just a few minute ago, we told
6:33 am
you about the deadly incident in mount rainier where a man was shot to death on 37th street near rhode island avenue. now, we can also report that anne arundel county police are investigating a shooting near the wal-mart on russet green east in laurel. we'll bring you updates on these stories as we get them. g in the scandal surrounding the former cia chief david petraeus, the woman at the center of the case, paula broadwell is trying to stay out of the spotlight. >> now, the spotlight is on general john allen. as trace gallagherreports. >> jill kelley is the florida socialite who triggered the fbi investigation into then cia director david petraeus. some 20,000 edmonton mails were uncovered between general john allen and kelley. the president has faith in the general. >> the president has put on
6:34 am
hold his nomination pending the investigation of general allen's conduct. the president has nominated general dunford to be the next commander. >> reporter: jill kelley has found herself in the center of this. she has requested help. >> i don't know if by any chance because i'm he and honorary consul general so they should not be on my property. i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well. >> reporter: those who know kelley are also speaking out. >> if you know my sister the way i do, she is number one a mother and number two a wife. for anybody to paint her other than that is completely wrong. >> if jill made a complaint to the fbi, you can be sure that
6:35 am
somebody really went over the line with her. >> reporter: officials who have read the e-mails between kelley and allen say they were not sexually explicit and didn't offer any evidence of an affair or a leak of classified information. in los angeles, trace gallagher, fox news. kwame brown will not do any jail time. brown returned to his d.c. home last night after serving one day in federal custody. yesterday being a federal judge sentenced him to six months of home detention, two years probation and 4 # 0 hours of community service. a dose superior judge suspended his 30 day jail sentence. brown pleaded guilty in june for campaign finance violation and to falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat. also in d.c., nearly two dozen public schools scheduled for a shutdown. this comes as more student are
6:36 am
attending the charter schools. for a full list of the 20 schools slated for closure, just log onto our web site, topping the morning line, it is turning into a big week for the nationals. first, bryce harper is named nl rookie of the year and now davey johnson takes home the manager of the year award. he received 23 of 32 first place votes topping dusty baker and bruce bocce. he is just the fifth manager to win the award in both leagues. he also won it with the orioles back in 1997. he praised the entire team for his success. >> this award is really nice but i look at it more as an organizational award because the lerner family has done a great job, rizzo and staff and we've had great drafts.
6:37 am
young mayors this year really stepped in when key players got hurt. and my catcher went down. we a lot of young catchers come up and everything everybody really produced. it was just a remarkable year. >> that was the good news. and now let's talk about basketball. even during last year's abysmal season, wizards could always count on charlotte to put a smile on their face. that was last year. four of the 20 wins came against the lowly bob cats, last year. this year, the winless wizards looked to cash in on recent history with their first visit to charlotte for the new season t looked like things might be getting better. d.c. got off to a good start take ago four-point lead into the second half. they got colder than tucker's forecast. d.c. ended up shooting only 29% from the field, fizzling line a
6:38 am
fish on ice. sessions came off the bench with a career high 21 points. the wiz go on to lose again 92- 76. they are now 0-6 for the season. that is probably a little bit morent taping than what was happening on the basketball court. they will take on the dallas some of rex. >> was that the half time show? >> i think that was the half time show. who knows? they got beat. that's all we know. >> coming up next on fox 5 morning news, a follow-up to a fox 5 investigation. >> the district looking into ways to address the paramedic shortage. the proposed solution, a change in shifts that has some people worried that it will only make matters even worse. we're back in a moment. 
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a follow high pressure up this morning to a fox 5 investigation. the district is facing a shortage of paramedics. jot fire and etch ms chief has come up with a plan to address the problem but as fox 5's
6:42 am
sherry ly shows us, that has some people concerned even more. this is really a numbers game. d.c.'s fire and etch ms chief is wrilling to take the risk to mover paramedic ambulances off the overnight periods when there are fewer life- threatening emergencies and move them to busier daytime periods. but paramedics have warned fox 5 this could have dangerous consequences. under the proposal announced by the chief for d.c. fire and ems, between 1:00 and 7:00 a.m., d.c. won't have any ambulances with paramedics on board. these medic units carry the most advanced life saving equipment way paramedic capable of performing life saving medical procedures, something a basic ambulance unit doesn't have. >> right now, our data shows we have a very limited call volume from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and particularly in terms of response. >> reporter: those calls overnight other than though small are people's lives.
6:43 am
but with scarce resources, the department believes it it is better to shift 14 medic units to peak daytime hours, a so- called power shift. the union which represents firefighter pair medicine ebbs warned it could endanger lives. >> we have huge concerns for that 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. block that there will not be any paramedic transport units. it is a 36% decrease in our capability to transport patients to the hospital. >> reporter: during months showers, the department says each medic and ambulance unit handles about two calls and the city has 21 paramedic engine companies that can respond with firefighters who are trained as paramedics. but those engines can't transport patients. for that, they have to wait for one of the city's basic ambulance units. last night on fox 5 news at 10:00, the chief tried to justify the decision. >> can you say dephonetively that you are not putting people's lives at risk here? >> i don't think that we're putting the public at risk at all. i think we'll be able to
6:44 am
respond even better during the day because we'll have more units on the street. >> reporter: fire department sources say the real problem is manpower, short by up to 100 pair medicine ins. one paramedic who spoke to fox 5 worried what might happen. the plan must still be vetted by the d.c. sound sill before any changes are made and complicating matters, the two unions within the department are at odds over this plan. the union which represents the civilian paramedics who staff those medic units believe it is the best use of scarce resources while the union which represents the firefighter pair medicine ins believes patients are at risk. in northwest, sherry ly, fox 5 news. let's check in with tucker to get the latest on our forecast. cold out there. >> it got cold overnight. temperatures fall back into the low 30s across much of the area. here in town, we're in the mid- 30s. a chilly start to the day and a
6:45 am
cool afternoon. we're just not going to warm up a whole lot. >> just stay in the sun as much as possible. >> we want to start walking on the sunny side of the street. >> the sun is out. can you look at the sun. it just won't be warming you up that much j not directly. >> we're full of all kinds of great advice here -- not directly. 3 # this morning at dulles and in manassas. culpeper, 28 degrees for you. temperatures definitely on the chilly side here. should be a beautiful day and as wisdom mentioned, get yourself on the sunny side of the street and get out in the sun. it should feel okay. highs only in the upper 40s to
6:46 am
about 50. not a lot to show you. that is our cold front from yesterday well off the coast there. and high pressure out to the west will give us a doneful really nice days around here with sunshine each afternoon and cold nights. next couple of nights, our overnight lows will be in the 0s and even some upper 20s around here -- will be in the 30s and even some upper 20 around here. we'll watch the high pressure scoot off to the north. we'll be on the southern edge of it. still should be plenty of sunshine for the next couple of days as we watch a developing storm system for the weekend that should be pushing off the coast here by sunday and monday. 50 today, sunshine, cool temperatures. winds here out of the north at five to 10. that temperature is a little cool for this time of year. this is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. we'll keep the sunshine around for the next several days. our next chance for rain shower activity will arrive -- we'll go with the second half of sunday and monday. i know we have a redskin game,
6:47 am
tony and d.c. united sunday afternoon. hopefully, the rain will hope off until sunday night. >> thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is time for a special edition of ask tony and tucker. do we have the graphic? this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. we have a special guest joining to us answer a question about allergies. this is dr. elena reese. she is an allergist with howard university hospital. thank you for coming in. >> you're very welcome. >> so early. i'm impressed. >> you have to speak up a little bit though. >> okay. >> you look like you could be my aunt. she looks like someone in my family. here is today's question from nicole trimmer. she is allergic to shellfish and her daughter is allergic to peanuts. nicole writes why are so many people allergic to shellfish and peanuts and are these the
6:48 am
sort of allergies that one can sort of outgrow? i want it eat shrimp so bad. if there is a chance i would ever be able to, i would love to know. to know. >> i'm afraid i don't have good news for her. she is not going to be able to eat shrimp. unfortunately, seafood allergies tend to develop late in life and they don't go away. >> wow! >> so no chance. >> no. >> okay. well that does it for ask toby and tucker. >> how about her daughter who is allergic to peanuts? well, peanuts are a different story. and first of all, this allergy develops early in life and a very small percentage of people will outgrow it, very small. less than 10%. >> you wouldn't know you outgrew it because you probably
6:49 am
wouldn't try peanuts if you had an allergy from an early age. >> one of the things about peanut allergies and nut allergies in general is that maybe the medical profession has contributed to the fact this we have such a wide number of people who have peanut allergies now. when i was growing up, no one was allergic to foods, okay? so that what the medical profession has basically told people is avoid, avoid, avoid. avoid eating nuts when you're pregnant. avoid eating nuts when you're breast feeding and avoid giving the nuts to the child when they're young. >> are you writing all this down? >> i have it all in my head. >> in cultures where no one is told to avoid and everybody eats everything this, they don't have peanut allergies. >> this is what i thought. this is what i thought. >> he has ranted about this in the past. >> yeah, because of a little argument going on at my house. so the fact that we've told people avoid, avoid, avoid, make you more -- make it more
6:50 am
likely or makes you more susceptible to that. >> we may have passed the time in life when a child becomes tolerant to foods which is early. >> so the best thing you can do is expose your young child to as much diversity in food that you can. >> having said that, if your child has a reaction, you have to stop and back off. >> the more a child is exposed -- we're doing some crazy things with our kids now where we almost want to keep them in a sterile environment, not necessarily the best thing because that is how kids build up immunities, right? >> right. i mean now we are pretty much saying well, maybe it is good to eat a little dirt. >> okay. are you an actual doctor? where did we get this guest? okay. >> mankind survived for many generations doing so and it is only in the last few generations that we've become
6:51 am
so clean. >> that's right. >> and i'm interested in the shellfish allergies because my mom had the same problem. she turned like 50. one day, she had crab and never again. >> you develop it late in life. once you developed it, it is there. >> and why would that develop all of a sudden? ican't really tell you that. >> is this anything can you do to -- other than be exposed as a young child. is there anything you can do to prevent allergies? >> i think maybe the answer is that you are constantly he can forked to things so that you keep your level of tolerance up. if you are allergic to an antibiotic, if you have been desensitized to it and then stop taking the antibiotic, you become allergic to it again. so tolerance is really based on constant exposure. >> very good. dr.elena reese, thank you very much. we appreciate that. >> it was a pleasure coming. >> have you to come back sometime. >> all right. that's it. for ask tony and tucker.
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go to and click on the we are tab if you have a question. if you don't mind eating dirt, you won't mind our green room. where are we going now? let's get to julie wright to get the latest on traffic. >> we are now receiving word of an incident involving an overturned vehicle outbound on route 50. no one is getting by outbound on 50 headed toward the bay bridge. right now, we do have problems to report for those traveling into northeast because of the construction that we had at kenilworth and eastern. big delays off of 50 and the parkway coming in from 410. police investigation of the shooting ties up 4th and rhode island avenue. keep your eyes peeled for that. westbound 410 at 29, there is an ongoing investigation with the right side of the roadway blocked. southbound along 270 now, down separate stretches of delays. 16miles per hour coming in
6:53 am
trying to leave i-70 from what was the accident scene in urbana. that has been cleared. look at this leaving gaithersburg back up at speed headed out towards rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> all right. thank you. chick-fil-a remains the most popular fast food chicken chain. a survey by market force found chick-fil-a was voted number one by consumers despite a controversial year. there was negative publicity you may remember and protests when the chain's coo came out against gay marriage. racing canes and boston market came in second and third in the survey. >> all right. well, it is a first in u.s. history the average number of monthly texts isn't by american users dropped from about 700 messages to 675 in the third quarter. now, text messaging revenues were also down for the first time in history. the drop is largely due to the increase in smart phones. many applications offer free text messaging services that allows wireless customers to
6:54 am
send and receive texts by piggybacking on their existing data plans. >> i'm a dinosaur. i had no idea about that. >> we have to find out about it. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, we are flipping through the opinions of history. holly is live in silver spring with a preview of a very big event for book lovers. we're back in a moment. a momen
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
11/14/12 good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. if you are passionate about books, passionate about arts or creative living, i have the weekend event for you as the pyramid atlantic book arts fair is going on. this event is so special, it only happens every two years. we're not talking about a book fair where you get the latest james paterson novel. old school bookmaking where you
6:58 am
will see exhibitors that know about the fine art of making books. she's going to show us how that works and talk to us about the art. learn about bookbinding, not how they do it in math but one book at a time, one page at a time. we're also going to learn about screen printing. you are getting a good idea that this festival is one where you are going to find specialty supplies. and that's why they call it bound by beauty. >> all right. thanks. check in with you later on. time for our facebook fan of the day. and today we say hello to yolanda. >> sounds like a law firm. >> she's not the toyota vehicle recall. she and her family love tuning in everyday at 5:00 a.m.
6:59 am
and been commenting for months in hopes to get picked. for picture.ce log on and leave a >> over to tony and allison. >> happy wednesday to both of you. coming up, breaking news from maryland, two early morning shootings including one skene at wal-mart plaza. >> from a growing sex scandal, to libya to the fiscal cliff. he'll be asked tough questions. we have a preview straight ahead. plus. >> the course in afghanistan. >> secretary of state hillary clinton and p i netta throw their support in afghanistan after his name is thrown into the mix of the growing sex sal

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